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Sedona Memories  
15.5"H  13.5"W
APearantly Autumn
19.5"H  16"W
Robins' Reward
16.5"H  11.5"W
Lightening Strike
"H  5.5"W
Coffee Berry Explosion
10"H  7.5"W
7.5"H  10"W
 Twisted Sisters
10"H  11.5"W
Aspen Dance
14"H  9.5"W
Carpe Diem
13.5"H  11"W
In Fallís Embrace
9"H  7"W
Peony & Swallow Tail
12"H  8"W
Coffee Berry
17"H  13"W
Flush of Desire
15"H  14"W
Winterís Jive
10"H  6.5"W
8.75"H  5"W

 19"H  8"W

Let the Dogs Out
4"H  4"W
9.5"H  8"W
Spring Alert
8"H  6"W
Floral Geometry
5"H  4"W
5.5"H  4.75"W
Pansy Power
4"H  3.5"W

Pansy Family
4.5"H  3"W

3.5"H  3"W
Once Upon a Time
4.5"H  3.5"W
Spring Visit
4.5"H  3"W
Julyís Red Berry
5.75"H  5"W
Fall Guys
4"H   5"W
The Hipster
5.5"H  4"W
Attention Fall
19"H  8"W

All original art, unless otherwise indicated, is available for sale.
Please contact
Karen Lilly for more details and information.
Karen's art is also featured at
Horizon Fine Art Gallery
in Jackson, WY.
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